Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Post

Last year, one of my favorite bloggers did blog365. Every day, I could click on her blog and hear her unique perspective on the world. I loved it; it was great. But now she's done! She's not doing it again for 2010! I feel a little lost--isn't the internet all about other people providing free entertainment for me?! Maybe not. Maybe I need to pick up my (tiny) share of the load.

I've thought about starting a blog before, but never had the guts to. I always got stopped right at the part where you have to name your blog. I don't have a cute nickname, or any fun ideas for a cool handle. So tonight I just grabbed a beer out of the fridge, and named myself after it--luckily it was a New Glarus Snowshoe, not a Heinekin or a Bud!

Here is the song I was listening to as I wrote this:

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