Saturday, February 6, 2010

100 Word Challenge

I found this wonderful blog devoted to "The 100 Word Challenge" (see link above). Each week, Velvet Verbosity gives a one-word prompt, and the idea is to write exactly 100 words based on that prompt. How cool is that?! This week's prompt is Darkness. So here's my entry:


There is no darkness in this hospital room. It’s like nighttime on television, with a suggestion of darkness to set the scene, but we can still see everything. Back home, nighttime is dark, and I can think when I lie awake at night. But here, there are LED lights everywhere, and the fluorescent light from the hallway bleeds in through the gap below the door. How do people sleep here, let alone die here? There is no warm, dark place to slip into. I worry that my death will be as broken and unpleasant as my sleep here has been.


  1. Very nice.

    Hospitals can be scary places, and I'd hate to die in one if I knew about it.

  2. Good job -- this is very poignant.

  3. Welcome to the challenge and well done!

  4. Wow. Talk about taking us somewhere unexpected! Well done, Snowshoe. Very well done indeed.